Resources to Facilitate Model Discoverability, Accessibility, Reuse and Interoperability

Establishing community standards to improve computational modeling in a changing world.

The OMF will develop technologies and databases to help modeling scientists make their models more easily reusable by others and more easily interoperable with other models. Examples of such resources could be software or online services to help scientists containerize computational models in environments like Docker, to transform them into web services, or to add a standardized API to models. 

The OMF will also help develop and maintain a common ontology database to facilitate interoperability. In order to improve model discoverability and access, it may also develop and maintain a global, online index to models (computational, numerical, and conceptual) that meet OMF standards for documentation, reuse, and transparency. 

The OMF will make available to modeling scientists information and guidance about Open Source licensing and other practices for making their work globally accessible. 

The OMF Github hosts a list of links and descriptions of models using OMF standards.